What to expect on your first visit



The exam is by far the most important part of the whole visit! Dr. Travis or Dr. Nina will have the opportunity to meet you and your child, talk with you about any concerns or questions you have and will examine your child’s x-rays and teeth! They will go over what is normal and what to expect in the upcoming years.

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Cleanings at Adaven are not only be fun but they’re very informative to the parent and child. We use a spin-like brush with prophy paste (similar to tooth paste but more abrasive). We have several different flavors you can choose from! We like to explain to you the importance of brushing and flossing and talk about ways we can improve! We like your cleaning appointments, or what you’ll hear more of, six-month recalls to be a great preventative to getting any decay. Consistency is the key!



After the cleaning is done, we will place a foam-like fluoride treatment on your child’s teeth for approximately sixty seconds. The fluoride is the best preventative care for your child. Sometimes the Doctor may recommend coming in every three months for a fluoride treatment if your child is at a high-risk category for tooth decay. After the fluoride treatment is finished, we will advise the parent and child, no food or drink for 30 minutes.

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Radiographs of the teeth are a very crucial part of each child’s first dental visit. It gives the doctor an inner-proximal (‘in between’) look of all the teeth to detect if there are any cavities. Those ‘in-between’ cavities are typically impossible to see without taking x-rays, which is why they’re so important. Our office likes to take approximately four x-rays for every child’s first visit: two bitewing (back teeth/posterior) x-rays and two occlusal (front teeth/anterior) x-rays. If your child is around the age of six and is has the first adult molars erupting, or what we like to call ‘six-year-old molars,’ then we’ll most likely take a panoramic (x-rays showing all teeth) x-ray. This x-ray gives us more information about the future of your child’s growth and development.

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