Children Emergency Dental Care During Covid-19

COVID-19 poses a great health challenge to adults and children alike, and its rapid spread has been a source of concern. COVID-19 and pediatric dentistry have been closely interlinked. For this reason, parents are advised to restrict their children within their homes.

Pediatric dentistry poses a threat to children due to the necessary contact between the child and his or her pediatric dentist. This explains why this department has not been physically operational during COVID-19. The risk involved is too high, and we all want to protect our children from the infectious disease.

To reduce exposure, dentists are adopting safety standards to guarantee the young patient’s health, as well as protect themselves, all in a bid to prevent transmission.

Pediatric Dentistry Post Covid-19

Since the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Pediatric dentistry has witnessed a massive revolution. With the strict health guidelines and social distancing in dentists’ waiting rooms, the safety precaution gets stricter when it comes to Pediatric Dentistry and COVID 19.

During the pandemic, services in this department were postponed with occasional dental emergency services being offered, with stringent safety protocols. During the pandemic, parents and guardians are advised to make over-the-phone consultations with the kids’ dentist regarding pediatric dentistry.

This will help in determining whether your child requires urgent attention or whether the concern can be addressed without having to visit the clinic or hospital. If the problem persists, it is advisable that you visit the dentist after COVID-19.

The practice of Pediatric dentistry is bound to change drastically after COVID-19 since most people will have adapted to online consultations and hence fewer visits. Additionally, Increased efforts aimed at reducing the spread of germs, wearing protective equipment, and cleaning practices will become the new norm.

What Parents Must Know

Pediatric dentistry is necessary for parents to follow, but one must always make sure it is safe to take his/her child to the kids’ dentist during this pandemic period. Some of the Standard Operating Procedures and the key point that parents should consider include:

• As a parent, you should have an understanding of what a dental emergency entails. A dental emergency will mean infection, trauma, or pain.

• Whenever you have any pediatric dentistry related question or want to request emergency service, you should reach out to your kids dentist immediately.

• Parents must see to it that their children are practicing proper dental hygiene. You should also teach your children the basics of proper dental hygiene.

• You should watch your child’s intake of sticky and sugary foods, as this can be harmful to their gum and teeth.

• Always remind your children to brush their teeth properly and on a daily basis.


The sole concern of pediatric dentistry is checking the kid’s oral health, which is vital to their overall health. The practice of pediatric dentistry is totally different today from what it used to before prior to COVID-19. The Kids dentist and his/her patients should understand that the major concern is keeping themselves healthy and safe. For dental consultations or emergency requests, contact Adaven Children’s Dentistry today. We are committed to offering exceptional dental care provided by highly qualified professionals in an environment that is both fun and comfortable for pediatric patients.

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