A pediatric dentist is highly trained in providing medical care for any complex oral health problems. People often mistakenly believe that a pediatric dentist will not be able to treat complex oral issues for their children, however they are specially trained to identify and care for both primary and adult teeth in children. Pediatric dentistry, in fact, is considered a dental specialty and equips dentists to provide care and treatment for a wide variety of oral problems. They will also have the unique approach that better allows them to provide dental care in a comforting environment. Although, pediatric dentists strive to make appointments easier or even fun for children, they will still provide the highest level of care to address oral health problems as soon as possible.

What Can A Pediatric Dentist Do?

Just as any dentist would, pediatric dentists are able to care for the oral health of children along with treating any oral issue that may arise. Treatment and services offered at trusted pediatric dentistry offices include:

Routine Cleanings And Dental Checkups

Regular dental cleanings (about every 6 months) is one of the most effective ways to prevent oral problems in children. A pediatric dentist with specialized knowledge and training in baby teeth and the transition to adult teeth will be better suited to identify any potential issues before they can become big problems. Sometimes, just a simple visit to the dentist for a cleaning is overwhelming to young children, much more so will a visit to the dentist to treat serious dental issues. Provide Age Appropriate Oral Health Education For Both Children And Parents Because a pediatric dentist has knowledge and experience in caring for teeth at all stages and ages, they are better qualified to provide parents with the information needed to help their children maintain proper oral hygiene habits and ensure long-term oral health. They will also have the unique approach that will help children to understand the importance of good brushing and flossing habits.

Diagnose And Treat Complex Oral Health Problems

Pediatric dentists are highly trained and highly qualified to treat all minor and major oral health problems for children of any age. Among the conditions treated by a pediatric dentist are: – Dental Decay: If not addressed quickly, dental decay can lead to more serious problems. Dental decay is caused by a build up of bacteria and plaque that in turn damages tooth enamel. Decay can cause cavities making it very important to remove and treat it before it is allowed to grow. – Cavities: If your child has developed a cavity, it is extremely important to have that cleaned and filled before it can cause enough damage that a root canal or extraction is necessary. Cavities on baby teeth should even be filled. – Gum Disease: Gum disease is a common issue among children, most often because of poor brushing and flossing. Gum disease can cause swollen, red, and bleeding gums and when left untreated can cause more serious issues. – Infections: Teeth and gums are not immune to infections. A pediatric dentist is able to prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection and if needed perform other procedures, such as a root canal, to address the issue further. – Extractions: Sometimes a tooth extraction is necessary, whether it be for infection, damage, or simply overcrowding. A pediatric dentist will be knowledgeable on the best methods to do so without affecting surrounding or incoming teeth. – Tooth Damage: Kids often have teeth damaged from a fall or a ball to the face or other reasons. While dental damage can be common, it is still very important to fix the damage quickly. A pediatric dentist will be able to fix a cracked or chipped tooth and provide options for more serious damage.

Las Vegas Pediatric Dentistry

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