At Adaven Children’s Dentistry, we pride ourselves on listening to our patients and their parents so we can provide the best dental care possible. It also allows us to answer questions and share important information about dental hygiene. 

Has your childs dentist ever asked if you as a parent are more cavity prone? That’s because if a parent gets cavities easily the bacteria from the parents mouth can be spread to the child. This bacteria found in saliva can create the same cavity prone environment in the childs mouth. 

Some parents share more than others. In this scenario, it was a lesson on cavities. 

We heard was about a certain father who, like many parents, was in a rush to prepare food for their children on a busy morning before daycare. Most parents are familiar with packing a lunch and cutting up food for their children. 

This dad, instead of using a knife to cut up some cherries, would put the cherry in his mouth, bite into it to make smaller piece and get the pit out, retrieve the smaller piece from his mouth and place them in a bag for the child to eat later. 

We informed the father that by doing that you increase the risk of his child getting cavities; more specifically, spreading contagious bacteria to the child that can lead cavities (not to mention other bacteria that can lead to other illness). 

Unfortunately, cavities are contagious and parents can — and do — pass along bacteria that cause the child to develop cavities. The window of infectivity (or the average age) when children are at most risk of this bacteria (also known as streptococci), is between 19-31 months. The most common ways that cavities are spread are:

  • Testing the temperature of a child’s food with their mouth
  • Sharing eating utensils
  • Cleaning off a pacifier by putting it in your mouth

And don’t forget cutting up your child’s food with your teeth. 

Our goal at Adaven Children’s Dentistry is to provide a great experience for patients while giving the best dental care possible. We love engaging with parents and talking about clean, healthy teeth. 

If there is every a question you have about your child’s dental health, feel free to give us a call at 702-492-1955.