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Baby shark teeth, what should you do do do do do do do?

A patient’s father recently told me a story of an unfortunate childhood dental situation. As a boy he said he felt something was off with his teeth. He looked in the mirror. One of his adult teeth was coming in behind a baby tooth. It looked weird. He was told he had something called: Shark […]

Why mouth guards are an important piece of safety equipment for youth sports

Often times during football games, you’ll see the quarterback calling out a play at the line of scrimmage to let his teammates know when the ball will get snapped.  After a few quips, the quarterback will put in a mouthguard before screaming, “Ready. Set. HUT HUT!” and the play begins. You love to see the […]

Are Cavities Contagious?

At Adaven Children’s Dentistry, we pride ourselves on listening to our patients and their parents so we can provide the best dental care possible. It also allows us to answer questions and share important information about dental hygiene.  Has your childs dentist ever asked if you as a parent are more cavity prone? That’s because […]

Healthy Habits for Healthy Teeth in 2022

Of all the New Years Resolutions you heard about for 2022, keeping your teeth nice and healthy was probably not one of them. That is, unless you have a dentist in the family 😉 Most people believe having healthy teeth is simply just brushing twice a day, flossing and getting a checkup every 6 months. […]