When I was in high school, my parents were in the “wait and see” boat when it came to me getting braces. My teeth “weren’t that bad” according to my dad. Next thing I know I am a Senior in High School with braces. Upon reflection, I’m so glad I got them — I just wish it had been sooner.  

When I see patients where it appears braces are going to be a must at some point, I often get concerns that they don’t like the look of braces, it will hurt too bad or it’s too expensive.

My response is always 1) Don’t wait, they are temporary, 2) advances in technology are good for the patient in terms of pain and options and 3) it WILL be worth it.

Below are some tips to consider if your child is at the age where braces are being considered. And, as always, feel free to reach out to me or my staff at Adaven Children’s Dentistry and Orthodontics with any questions.

When’s a good time to get braces?

Every child is different, but usually we start looking at the possibility of braces around 7 years old. However, we do braces for all ages; that’s right, even adults. You and your child can do it together if you want. It’s never too late to get the smile you want.

A child’s jaw and teeth are constantly changing especially when they are young. When it comes to braces early detection can save you time and money. Your child might be a good candidate for braces if they show any of the signs below:

    • Crooked teeth
    • Gaps in teeth
    • Over-crowded teeth
    • Bite problems

If you notice your child has a tooth missing, gaps in their smile, or their mouth is looking overcrowded with teeth your pediatric dentist will be able to help give you more information on whether a referral to an orthodontist is needed. Luckily, if you’re a patient of Adaven you don’t have to go far since we offer orthodontic services in house!

Technological advancements

Pop culture, specifically movies, from the 80s always depicted braces as these large metal contraptions in the mouth that were extremely invasive, to a point where it was comical how many different wires were used and the complexity of the headgear.

Luckily now, with modern technological advances, braces have made leaps and bounds compared to those in the past.

While the advancement of clear plastic aligners (Invisalign) are becoming more popular, around 85 percent of our patients end up getting metal braces.

The good thing is that the brackets are smaller than they used to be and manufacturers have learned over the years what is most effective but also less painful. The first few days after getting braces is when you should expect to experience some discomfort. It is important to note adjustments aren’t as painful as they used to be.

I can tell you that getting the braces off, and having great-looking and healthy teeth, it is well worth it.

Lifetime of benefits

From a dentist perspective, we’re always looking for overbite, underbite, cross bite, or other dentition problems. The alignment of the jaw is so important when it comes to oral health. A jaw that is not aligned properly can cause many problems from having a hard time chewing food to being unable to close their mouth properly. Sometimes these problems can even become painful.

It’s also important to remember that nearly all the kids that get braces don’t like the look of them. You have to encourage them that the amount of time wearing braces is temporary and will lead to a beautiful and healthy smile the rest of their life.

The process of getting braces can be steep, but at Adaven we understand that cost should not get in the way of healthy teeth and we do everything we can to make it less painful on the wallet. We can set up payment plans to fit any budget.

Those who have had braces know that positive impact it can have on oral health and confidence. Give us a call today to find out the options for you or your child.