Sometimes, it is just impossible to avoid a dental injury in children. They often fall or get hit in the face and you never know when a simple accident will become a dental emergency. Dental injuries, including broken, cracked or even knocked out teeth are more common than you may think, however they will likely not be an occurrence you are prepared to handle.

If your child has experienced an accident that has caused injury or damage to their gums or teeth, Adaven Children’s Dentistry can help. We are available when you need us most to help you and your child in any emergency dental situation. 


If your child has experienced a dental emergency, the best thing is to act quickly and remain calm. By acting quickly, you can help to prevent permanent or worsened damage. Staying calm will help to ease your child, keeping them from panicking and making the situation worse.


Here are some tips to help you handle a number of both emergent and non-emergent dental situations with your child until you can make it into our offices.


A toothache can happen for a number of reasons, but most commonly can result from an abscess, decay or cavity. A toothache can be an indication of infection and should be monitored to prevent it from becoming a more serious issue.  If your child is complaining of a toothache, you may start by having them rinse out their mouth with warm water and give them the pain medication you typically give them. Be careful not to put medication onto the tooth or gums. Take your child in to see the their dentist as soon as possible, especially if you begin to notice swelling of the face.

Bite To The Tongue Or Lips

Children can accidently bite their tongue or their lips in many situations and can often be painful. If your child has bit their tongue or lips or has gotten a cut on either, you should first clean the area using a soft cloth and making sure to be gentle. A cold compress after cleaning can also help. If there is persistent bleeding, make sure to quickly take your child to the dentist or even to an emergency room.

Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth can happen when you least expect it, but thankfully there are a number of restorative options available to improve the appearance of the tooth. If your child has chipped a tooth, but is not experiencing any pain, first rinse their mouth with warm water and then call to schedule an appointment with our caring staff at Adaven Children’s Dentistry.

Cracked Or Broken Tooth

A cracked or broken tooth will require quicker action than a chipped tooth would. Be careful to first rinse your child’s mouth out with warm water, then apply a cold compress on their face to help prevent swelling. Quickly call to request an emergency appointment in order to reduce the risk of greater damage. If you happen to find the piece that has broken off, wrap it in a wet gauze or towel and bring it to the appointment.

Knocked Out Baby Tooth

Even though it is normal for children to lose baby teeth, a baby tooth that has been knocked out too soon can affect the teeth around it and even the adult tooth beneath it. If your child has had a baby tooth knocked out, call to schedule an appointment as soon as possible and do not attempt to put the tooth back into the socket.

Knocked Out Adult Tooth

A knocked out adult tooth requires the quickest action. If your child has had an adult tooth knocked out, quickly and gently place it back into the socket holding only the top. Carefully hold the tooth in place with a clean washcloth or gauze. You may rinse off any dirt, but be careful not scrub the tooth at all or remove any remaining bits of tissue. If you are unable to get the tooth back into the socket, you can try to have your child hold it in their cheek or under their tongue to preserve it. If your child will not do so, place the tooth in sealed bag or container with milk, saliva or a saline solution. Then get to the dentist as soon as you possibly can.


Henderson Emergency Dental Treatment

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