People often believe that baby teeth don’t matter because they will eventually fall out, but baby teeth do matter and the condition of your child’s baby teeth can affect their adult teeth. Although baby teeth will not be permanent part of your child’s smile, they should still be taken care of properly in order to protect their smile as an adult.


Taking Care Of Baby Teeth Encourages Healthy Dental Habits As Children Get Older


Baby teeth are important for a number of reasons making it very important to encourage good dental hygiene habits in children including regular brushing, flossing, and routine dental checkups. By encouraging healthy dental habits from the beginning, your child will be more likely to maintain healthy habits as an adult.


Encourage your child to:


  • Brush their teeth at least twice a day in the morning and before bed, beginning as soon as they get their first tooth
  • Flossing once a day for any teeth that touch
  • Limit sugary drinks such as juice and soda
  • Limit foods high in sugar including candy and sweets
  • Maintain a healthy diet with proper chewing
  • Only drink water before bed. Be careful not to let your baby or toddler fall asleep with a milk bottle


Be sure that you also remain consistent in scheduling a dental cleaning and exam with Adaven Children’s Dentistry every six months. Dental checkups help to prevent cavities or treat them before they can become a bigger oral health issue. Helping your child become accustomed to the dentist from a young age will be so beneficial as they get older and continue to make their oral health important.


Untreated Tooth Decay In Baby Teeth Can Affect Adult Teeth Too


Tooth decay that goes untreated can become a serious infection or abscess, which affects both the tooth and the root. An infection that is serious enough can even spread to an incoming adult tooth. Developing teeth that are exposed to tooth decay are at a greater risk for tooth loss.


Baby Teeth Pave The Way For Adult Teeth


Baby teeth, in essence, pave the way for adult teeth. They create a space for an adult tooth to grow into. A missing baby tooth or a tooth that is removed prematurely will affect the path of an erupting permanent tooth. Missing baby teeth, that have not fallen out on their own, can also affect the structure of your child’s jaw bone or face.


Healthy Baby Teeth Ensure Healthy Permanent Teeth Alignment


As we mentioned, baby teeth create a path for incoming adult teeth, but one baby tooth can affect more than the adult tooth coming in behind it. A missing baby tooth can also cause surrounding teeth to misalign and crowd the empty spot leading to alignment issues throughout the mouth. Misalignment can cause crooked adult teeth, biting problems and can even make teeth more susceptible to cavities. A misaligned smile also increases the risk of your child needing orthodontic care in the future.


Healthy Smile Is Good For School And For Their Lives 


It is estimated that children miss around two days of school each year because of dental problems. Tooth decay and other oral problems can be painful causing your child to lose focus in school or limit their participation in class. By maintaining healthy baby teeth your child will be able to learn without distraction.


Healthy baby teeth also help prevent problems in how or what your child eats, how they sleep and how they view themselves. Oral health can significantly impact overall health and it can also impact a child’s self-esteem. Children can become self-conscious about their smile and their appearance when they have decayed teeth or missing teeth. You can help your child build self-esteem by helping them feel confident with a smile on their face.


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