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Bleeding gums in children is something that should quickly get treated; neglecting it can cause the condition to deteriorate, eventually resulting in a far worse condition. Bleeding gums can be the result of different reasons some very serious requiring immediate treatment, while others could be avoided by better educating children as to why bleeding gums occur so that they can better prevent it from happening.

Oral Hygiene Issues

Many children avoid brushing their teeth every day or fail to brush properly.Encourage children to brush thoroughly on a daily basis, spending an appropriate amount of time so that both teeth and gums are fully cleaned. Children should brush twice a day, preferably with a soft or medium toothbrush, in order to keep teeth and gums healthy, clean and avoid bleeding gums. In addition to brushing, flossing is another important part of a proper oral hygiene routine. However, improper flossing can be troublesome as the crevices in between teeth are very sensitive.Minor bleeding from the gums when children begin flossing is not abnormal, however, if the bleeding continues even after a week of flossing, itcould be a sign that your child needs direction in correct flossing and may even require professional help in treating the bleeding gums.

Improper Diet

The type of food your child consumes can also contribute to bleeding gums. If your child’s daily food intake is heavily comprised of sugary, starchy items, the risk for plaque buildup increases causing gums to become inflamed and even bleed. By limiting meals that contain too much starch or sugars and instead, focusing on healthy, nutritious mealswill help to stop bleeding gums and help to prevent gum disease.

Gum Problems Or Disease

Gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis are common causes for bleeding gums. Gum disease can be prevented through a proper oral hygiene routine and by maintaining consistency with dental cleanings and checkups. Dry gums, resulting when children breathe more through their mouths than through their nose, can also cause bleeding gums.

Side Effects From Medications

Some types of medications can also cause bleeding gums. Particularly medications that focus on thinning the blood are known to causing bleeding as it reduces the blood’s ability to clot.  

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