Periodontal disease can have a significantly adverse impact upon one’s oral and general health. Some parents might express concerns over whether this potentially serious dental ailment impacts children. Adaven Children’s Dentistry, which serves the young people of Henderson, Nevada and surrounding regions, invites concerned adults to read the following short blog attempting to answer this question.

Periodontal Disease Overview


Periodontal disease is an advanced gum malady causing the tissues that hold teeth in place to become infected.



Typically, said condition is precipitated by poor dental habits such as a failure to brush, floss or obtain adequate dental care on a regular basis. Inadequate oral care often leads to an accumulation of plaque, a sticky substance rife with pathogens, food particles and other potentially detrimental substances, inside the teeth and gums.

Though plaque accumulation is often the primary cause, periodontal disease might also be the result of cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol consumption or usage of other products like pipes, cigars or chewing tobacco.

Periodontal Disease And Children


Though not extremely common, young people can develop certain forms of periodontal disease. Typically, children with poor dietary or dental habits develop gingivitis, which is a less advanced manifestation of gum problems. When diagnosed in relatively early stages, gingivitis is treatable and reversible. That said, if not diagnosed early or treated accordingly, the condition could progress to periodontitis.

Typically, children experience two differentiations of periodontal disease, aggressive periodontitis and generalized aggressive periodontitis.

Aggressive Periodontitis

This manifestation usually impacts teens and young adults and is characterized by bone loss surrounding teeth like the molars and incisors.

Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis

Said form often commences during puberty and might elicit swollen gums and significant accumulations of plaque in any part of the mouth.

Symptoms For Children And Parents To Watch Out For

If a child is experiencing any of the following symptoms, a visit to a pediatric dentist might be warranted, bleeding gums, swollen, red or puffy gums, receding gums and bad breath. Should a young person display these symptoms, parents are encouraged not to wait. A kids dentist can perform a thorough examination, make an informed diagnosis and determine the most appropriate course of action.

Potential Treatment Options

Specific treatment will often be dictated by the condition’s severity. However, common therapeutic protocols include aggressive cleanings of impacted teeth and gums, the use of medications such as oral antibiotics and prescription antimicrobial gels and mouth rinses or surgical procedures to clean under the gums or remove or fix severely stricken teeth.


Many oral care professionals opine that the best cure is prevention. Preventing gum disease is possible provided young people learn the importance of optimal dental health. Said individuals should be instructed to brush at least twice per day, floss in between meals, limit dietary consumption of sugary products and obtain frequent professional care.

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