Encouraging children to maintain good oral health is incredibly important for their dental development. Teaching children how to take care of their teeth will be an invaluable lesson as their teeth, gums, and jaw structure develops, but it will also be extremely beneficial for them later in life when their mouths are fully developed.


Teeth, gums, and the jaw will grow and develop on their own, however without good preventative care and good oral hygiene habits, mouths can also develop disease, injury, and other oral problems. To help children avoid painful, embarrassing, and difficult dental problems when they grow older, parents must help their children understand the importance of taking care of their teeth.


Encourage And Require Good Oral Hygiene Habits


One of the best ways to support the dental development of your child is to instill the importance of brushing and flossing. These oral hygiene practices should be a requirement for children, not a recommendation, so that as they grow older brushing and flossing becomes second nature and an important habit within their daily routine.


As a parent, you can begin to train your child with good oral hygiene habits even before their teeth begin to erupt. Wiping a baby’s gums after a feeding with a clean, damp, soft cloth will help to reduce the risk of bacteria growth. As teeth begin to appear, a soft toothbrush with a tiny bit of toothpaste should replace that cloth. Parents should brush their baby’s teeth every day until the child is able to brush on their own. Parents should also be careful to assist and supervise toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children to make sure that they are brushing well. Little ones need guidance to ensure that they are brushing well and brushing properly. They also should be encouraged to understand that brushing is something that is important to do every day, at least twice a day.


Flossing is another oral hygiene habit that should be encouraged from a young age to help children protect their teeth from tooth decay or gum disease. The younger they start, the easier it will be for them to continue the habit, as they get older.


Remain Consistent In Taking Your Child To Routine Dental Checkups And Cleanings


Your child should begin seeing a pediatric dentist around their first birthday. Taking children to the dentist at a young age will help them to understand the importance of it while also helping them to become accustomed to it. Children should have checkups and cleanings about every 6 months to provide the best opportunities of preventing, detecting, and treating oral problems before then can become a more serious issue.


During a dental visit, your child’s teeth, gums, and jaw are checked and monitored to ensure overall oral health. Cleanings help to keep plaque and tartar under control, while other preventative measures, such as sealants, can be done to help prevent cavities. With routine dental visits, your child’s dentist is also able to recognize any developing concerns and intervene in earlier stages in order to avoid the need of more invasive treatments.

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