Child Dental Care
Although fruit juice was once recommended by pediatricians for healthy infants and children, new guidelines released by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have recently been established that recommend severe restrictions for children of all ages.

Recommendations for Infants

The AAP recommends that infants consume only human milk or prepared formula from birth until 6 months of age. Fruit juice provides no nutritional value and offering it can lead to reduced consumption of breast milk or formula. When this happens, it puts infants at risk for malnutrition because they are no longer getting enough of the nutrients they need.

Recommendations for Toddlers and Young Children

After age 1, fruit juice should be used as a special treat or snack. Toddlers should never be given fruit juice in a bottle and young children should never have it in a sippy cup or juice box. Allowing a child to sip on fruit juice throughout the day or putting them to bed with a bottle full of juice at night should be avoided at all costs. These behaviors risk exposing the child’s teeth to an excessive amount carbohydrates which can quickly lead to dental caries. The same nutritional concerns that infants face apply to this age group as well. Fruit juice tastes good. Toddlers and school age children often prefer it to fruits and other nutritious foods which increases the risk for malnutrition.

Worried about Your Child’s Juice Consumption? We Can Help.

If you were unaware of these guidelines or if you are concerned that your child’s teeth might have been effected by improper juice consumption, Adaven Children’s Dentistry can help. We specialize in child dental care and can assess the health of your child’s teeth and whether or not any damage from excessive fruit juice has occurred. If you’re looking for a specialized child dentist, get in touch with the experts at Adaven Children’s Dentistry. We specialize in kids and know how to make a trip to the dentist a lot more fun. Call (702) 492-1955 or visit us online to schedule an appointment. Adaven Children’s Dentistry 2843 St. Rose Pkwy Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052 Phone:(702) 492-1955